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Looking chic in your Cargo Pants

Want to create a casual chic look? You can combine your cargo pants with flat shoes or high heel sandals. These sandals or shoes work well if you combine with a dressy casual outfit. Another way of creating a casual look with cargo pants is by combining soft cargo pants with laid-back women’s outfits such as ballet flats and striped sweaters.

For cool weather, you can combine women’s cargo pants with a turtle neck, and finish with a cropped denim jacket, knee-high boots and a fashionable belt. Another good combination for cool weather is by combining the pants with a short sweater, a small belt and a vest.


If you want to create a safari look, you can match a pair of olive green or khaki cargo pants with a safari-type shirt. A pair of short cargo pants, a safari-type shirt, a safari hat and a chic safari bag can be a good combination for a bright sunny day. Not many women choose safari look but if you create a good combination, you can become the center of attention.