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How Men Should Wear Camo Cargo Pants in 2013

There are many ways for men to wear camo cargo pants and it doesn’t have to be always just for outdoors. You can wear camo cargo pants to almost any occasion (even weddings if you’re planning to have a military wedding). If you have been always nagged about how you can wear these cool pants in your daily activities then you should stop worrying because we will list basic ways on how men should wear camo cargo pants.
For the exercising in the gym and jogging
Camo cargo pants is your best companion when doing tedious jobs such as working out on the gym or doing cardiovascular exercises such as running, jogging and dancing. Camo cargo pants are made with high quality material which wouldn’t wear and tear easily. Running, pilates and jogging can easily ruin your pants but camo cargo pants are very strong and what’s great about it is that it has a lot of pockets which you can store your stuff such as your iPod, car keys, phones, wallet or other necessary stuff when you do your daily exercises.
For going to the mall and strolling
casual men cargo pantsInstead of wearing the usual boring jogging pants or board shorts, you can also wear your favorite camo cargo pants in going out for casual events such as gallivanting in the mall, shopping or just plain walking around, you can use a watch from this list of watches, which will add a lot of style to your look. Camo cargo pants are very sexy for men, it gives such a manly expression to them and the pants draw instant attention to the crowd. We personally think that camo cargo pants are one of the special pieces in a man’s wardrobe that deserves to be called the sexiest.
For playing “Air Soft”
If you are planning to play air soft or paint ball, camo cargo pants is your perfect partner. The fast movements that the game needs require a clothing material that won’t distract you from your game.
There are countless ways on wearing camo cargo pants especially if you’re a man; you just have to know what pieces to dress them with. You have to know the perfect ways in order to showcase it at its finest. A lot of you may still have doubts that camo cargo pants are going to look neat in terms of being into fashion and we can’t blame you. All you need is a little more convincing and we are here to make camo cargo pants fashion clearer to you so if you are still lacking inspiration on how you think it would look good for daily activities; look below as we are going to show you some male celebrities who wore camo cargo pants the best.

zip vent cargo pants

Look at how Adam Lambert wore his very cool dark camo cargo pants. He paired it with a black leather jacket, black shirt and almost all of his accessories black giving and they are of kind giving his pants a more urbanized feel into them. From a personal perspective, his outfit choices seem all so wrong but when you look at it it’s actually a really nice modern ensemble.

adam cargo pants
If you were not a fan of the style above that we just showed you, then we will give you a more street and hip-hop infused example below.
Just look how extremely cool popular rapper and singer Chris Brown wore his camo cargo pants. The cap and hoodie with cool rubber shoes and nice belt really showed his good street style but he was able to incorporate something new rather than the usual baggy jeans that rappers wear and replaced them with a very nice pair of camo cargo pants. This is actually one of the nicest ways we personally think that men can wear their favorite camo cargo pants.
There is also one way of making camo cargo pants look really good without too much accessories if you feel like going for a more laid back look. On the image below, we will show you how Jay Z, a business mogul, producer and husband of no less than Beyonce wore his camo cargo pants to watch a basketball game.

Jay Z didn’t go over the top in dressing up his camo cargo pants, he just put on a nice plain colored sweat shirt, cool Jordan shoes and a cap and he looks extremely amazing even beside his super sexy wife Beyonce. This is one example of wearing camo cargo pants in the simplest way and is perfect for almost all of your daily routines.