Green, Blue, Yellow Stripe Cargo Pants by Otovalo – Handmade, Authentic Woven Traditional Clothing – Woven Playa Joggers Pajamas / Harem

Color: Bol Bol Cargo, Green, Blue & Yellow Stripe Theme
Sizing: One Size Fits All
Features: Stretchy Waist, Ankle Ties, Waist Drawstrings, Button Side Pockets
100% Linen | Hand Wash | Cold Water

Handmade & Authentic Apparel & Clothing by Otovalo Inc. Our Handmade Apparel is imported from a small mountain village in Ecuador known for it’s unique market. Our colorful designs and unique styles of clothing show a small glimpse into the culture and style of the Ecuadorian people.

5% of each sale is donated to the Cofán Survival Fund, an organization dedicated to the survival of the indigenous culture of Ecuador and the overall well being of Ecuador’s environment and ecosystems. The Cofán Survival Fund was founded in 1999 as a vehicle to reclaim and protect the Cofán territory and was primarily driven by the need to respond to oil exploitation in the region and the involvement of corrupt oil companies. Ecuador is a beautiful place fueled with wildlife, diverse eco-systems and an incredible culture. It is our mission to help preserve it.

Made in Ecuador