The Best Olive Cargo Pants for Women for autumn 2020

The Best Olive Cargo Pants for Women for autumn 2020

There are few fashion trends that evoke as much suspicion as cargo pants for women. Ask someone—anyone—how they feel about them, and they’ll probably raise their brows, having been reminded of suburban dads on vacation or regrettable outfits from the late ’90s. It’s easy to understand why people aren’t usually sold on them: They’re baggy and intentionally crumpled, and they often come in that divisive low-rise—but much like matching sweat suits and “ugly” sandals, cargo pants are part of the new frontier of WFH fashion, with the coronavirus bringing a whole new lens to the comfortable “dad wardrobe.” (That, and the fact that our collective angst is making the Avril Lavigne leap out in all of us.)

This season’s cargo pants aren’t sacrificing function for form, and fall’s most popular styles are backed by celebs and street-style stars alike. From Bella Hadid’s informal Canadian tuxedo to Camila Coelho’s color-blocked pants, Jennifer Aniston’s classic khaki, and Hailey Baldwin Beiber’s paratrooper-inspired ensemble (we get it—you have to be ready for anything in 2020), there’s a style of cargo pants for everyone. 

Model Bella Hadid is seen on March 01 2020 in Paris France.
Bella Hadid at Paris Fashion Week in March Getty/Marc Piasecki
NEW YORK NEW YORK  FEBRUARY 11 Camila Coelho is seen leaving the Prabal Gurung fashion show during New York Fashion Week...
Camila Coelho leaving the Prabal Gurung show in February Getty/Gilbert Carrasquillo
Jennifer Aniston exits Balayage By Nancy Braun Salon in Beverly Hills
Jennifer Aniston leaves Balayage by Nancy Braun Salon in Beverly Hills. Backgrid/POER
New York NY  Model Hailey Baldwin makes her way to Caf Mogador donning an allblack combat inspired fit.
Hailey Baldwin Beiber makes her way to Café Mogador in New York. Backgrid/TYJA, AGNY

Though Hadid, Coelho, and Baldwin Beiber all wore their cargo pants with crop tops, many a runway has presented alternative ways to style the trend. You could go the route of comfort and pair them with an equally baggy oversized sweater, or make like Rihanna and reach for a sultry blouse you haven’t worn since IRL dates were a thing. Slouchy bottoms are the perfect antidote to fitted tops, so offsetting a structured blouse with cargo pants may finally tempt you out of your comfiest black leggings. 

SEOUL SOUTH KOREA  SEPTEMBER 19 Rihanna is seen walking in Itaewon down town on September 19 2019 in Seoul South Korea.
Rihanna is seen walking in Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea. Getty/Han Myung-Gu

If the thought of revisiting cargo pants has crossed your mind recently, now’s the time to indulge. The baggy staple is officially back, and it’s ideal for when your most exciting outings of the moment include corner store runs and dog walks. Plus, who couldn’t use some extra pockets for mask storage and ballot cheat sheets this fall? Check out 31 of the best cargo pants for women, ahead.