Gardening Womens Cargo Pants

Fall is a fabulous time to get outside and tend to one’s garden. Depending on where you live, there are probably autumn plant beds to mulch and raking to do. Of course you could also think about planting some garlic cloves or broccoli. If you do decide to get digging, be sure to don one of these fabulous outdoor outfits first:

Outdoor Outfits for Gardeners #1: Carhartt Cargo Scrub Pants

While you are outside, do you plan on doing a lot of bending and lifting? If so, Carhartt Cargo Scrub Pants would make a perfect choice. Made from a 55/45 cotton poly ripstop fabric, they feature lots of pockets and an elastic waist. So you won’t have to worry about feeling pinched around the hips and thighs. Pair it with a Carhartt Work-Dry Long-Sleeve Sub-Scrub Shirt. It’s made with a durable, moisture-wicking material that will help to keep you from smelling like that leftover pile of fertilizer.

women gardening cargo pants

Outdoor Outfits for Gardeners #2: Columbia Sandy River Cargo Shorts

Is your area prone to Indian summer like weather? Grab a pair of Columbia Sandy River Cargo Shorts, a cotton t-shirt and a Columbia Sun Chill’d Hoodie instead. Both the cargo shorts and hoodie are made with a moisture-wicking, UPF rated fabric. They also come outfitted with multiple pockets. In addition, the shorts are water-repellent and feature a relaxed fit.

Outdoor Outfits for Gardeners #3: Columbia Sportswear’s Arch Cape II Cargo Pants

Another great gardening ensemble to consider purchasing is a pair of Columbia Sportswear’s Arch Cape II Cargo Pants and a light sweatshirt. The cargo pants are made with a material known as Adventure cloth. Its inherent qualities make it perfect for an afternoon of fall gardening. We should also mention that the vendor fit pants feature plenty of leg room and an interior drawstring waistband.