2013 Trendy Cargo Shorts for Women

Have you ever heard about a cargo short in fashion? Well, this kind of short is pretty popular lately especially among men. This active short is usually worn for specific purpose such as traveling and climbing. Nowadays, cargo short is also available for women. With different characteristics on the design, cargo shorts for women and men currently are chosen to complete casual fashion style in the world. Well, now, let’s talk about the design of the cargo short which can distinguish it from common short in fashion.

camo cargo shorts for women

Generally, the cargo shorts for women and men are precisely heavier than common cloth short. It is because their purposes as hard traveling outfit that making them heavier than usual. Following the latest trend in fashion, the cargo short isn’t only worn for traveling. Nowadays, many women wear this fashionable short as complement in their casual fashion style. This short is usually completed by tank top or t-shirt and sneakers or boots. The cargo short for men and women is actually quite different. The cargo short is designed to follow the wearer shape. For men, we know that the cargo short is made as muscular as possible with its camo pattern, bigger and heavier size. For women, the cargo short is made quite slighter with camo or less of pattern.

2013 trendy camo cargo shorts for women

The cargo shorts for women also involve puffy accent on the side to emphasize women’s hip shape. Furthermore, the cargo short for women is shorter than the men to show much her thigh skin and long legs beauty. Camouflage pattern seems basic motif that typically applied on the cargo short. This pattern type is very suitable for both men and women. For men, the camouflage pattern can bring out the stronger and manly accent in their appearance in cargo short. In women, the camo cargo short brings out such active, sexy and smart personality at the same time.