2012 Trendy Women’s Cargo Shorts

Womens cargo shorts are preferred to be worn outdoors especially during trips, nature camping, or any other kind of adventure. Compared to long and heavy pants or harem pants, they are more comfortable. But unlike ordinary shorts that women wear at home, cargo shorts are more durable and theyprovide added protection for the wearer. The additional pockets make it possible for a lady to carry essential items instead of bringing a hand or shoulder bag.

Popular Styles of Womens Cargo Shorts Clothing

The original concept of the cargo shorts were adapted from the functional camouflage or khaki pants used by police and military personnel. But since the inclusion of this wear into the regular wardrobe of both men and women, fashion designers have reinvented newer and more fashionable styles to suit the ever changing tastes of most individuals. Among the popular styles ofwomens cargo shorts today include the following:

  • Vintage Cargo Shorts. Although they are called vintage, the shorts arenot necessary tailored from old fabric or pants, instead, these are the shorts that bear the original styles or designs of cargo shorts originally known and popular to everyone. They are also commonly referred to aswomens khaki cargo shorts. The shorts feature a pair of front pocketsside pockets, and another two at the back. They are usually colored khaki and some light or darker shades of brown. The waist can either be secured by zippers and buttons, an expandable waistband,stretchable laces, and provisions for a belt.
  • Slim-Fit Cargo Shorts. Another popular style of womens cargo shortsis the one that follows the natural sexy and slim figure of women. The slim-fit cargo shorts have wider waist or hips and the circumference of each leg decreases as it reaches the knees. This provides a more feminine or sexier look for the wearer compared to the other types of cargo shorts that have wider and uniform openings from top to bottom. The pockets on the side are also reduced in size to prevent an awkward look if they were larger or bulkier. Ideal colors for this style are the numerous shades of black, gray, white, cream, khaki, brown, and others.

  • The Wrinkled or Expandable Cargo Shorts. Some ladies opt for the wrinkled or expandable cargo shorts for a more unique style. These shorts are not much different to the common womens cargo shorts except for the added features of folds and wrinkles. Although folds and wrinkles are considered fabric imperfections in other types of clothing pieces, they work as design complements particularly on pants and shorts.
  • Womens Camo Cargo Shorts. The rugged and tough aura of camouflaged cargo shorts is still popular even for women. The Camo cargo shorts often combine the features of all other womens board shorts like the number of pockets, a wrinkled fabric, plus a unique military design.
  • Mini Cargo Shorts. Another popular cargo short style that can be distinguished through its size is the mini cargo shorts. Unlike conventional cargo shorts that extends down to the knees, the mini shorts only reaches the mid-section of the thighs.

Pairing Tips for Cargo Shorts

  • Cargo shorts are suitably paired with casual tops like shirts, T-shirts, or undershirts.
  • Pairing or styling them with tops can be done in two ways, choose contrasting colors or complements. For example, a dark-colored cargo shorts will be emphasized if you wear lighter colored shirts.
  • Form fitting shirts or tank tops are also considered the best complements of womens cargo shorts.
  • Leather or monotone-colored belts can also add support.

To arrive at the best choice when it comes to womens cargo shorts, it pays to consider only the best and trusted brands to ensure tough, reliable, and flexible cargo shorts. Some examples include Columbia, Calvin Klein, Dickies, Boulder Creek, Carhartt, The Territory Ahead, and many more.